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Have you had any drug or alcohol related driving offenses in the last 5 years?

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Are you currently employed?

Do you currently have a Class-A CDL?

(Answering yes to any of the above questions will not disqualify you from our program)

Over 300,000 truck drivers are needed in America according to the US Dept. of Labor Statistics in 2012.  Because of this driver shortage, more employers are raising wages to attract the best drivers.  The average truck driver in 2010 earned over $56,000 for the year.  Many earn substantially more.  Let us show you how to increase your earnings.

Do you need a Commercial Drivers License?
We have CDL schools in Tampa and Lakeland, Florida that offer full scholarships for some of their students. And for other, our employers offer above average pay and benefits, including tuition scholarships and reimbursement programs that allow you to attend CDL school FREE! You may qualify today!

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